What is This?

Everything imaginative is connected. As a visitor posting your own artful photos to Instagram, your creativity is informing this data visualization sculpture as we speak. Each Sphere of Influence represents hashtags used in Instagram posts with geolocation tagged at Laumeier Sculpture Park. Their size and location change based on frequency of use and time of posting at the Park. Hashtag your own posts in the Park and see how your experience changes the way we all view public sculpture, today and in the years ahead.

In 2015, Laumeier was awarded an Artworks grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to honor the Park’s 40th Anniversary. This award gave Laumeier the opportunity to create an online archive of content where visitors can explore the history of the Park, from 1976 to now. Organized in decades, this site highlights milestones in the Park’s history, stories, memories and creative texts, as well as past and present artworks in the collection. Through this interactive space, we hope to demonstrate that Laumeier is a place committed to developing and promoting the intersection of art and nature.

Where’d They Go?

There are multiple reasons why some sculptures you may be familiar with or expect to see during your visit are no longer on view at Laumeier. For example, sometimes works are only designed to be temporary or have been stored away to protect from the elements. Inspired by research conducted for our 40th Anniversary, these reflections highlight the history of our sculptures that have come and gone.

Celebrating 40 Years of Sculpture


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Building Shadows Buildings
1976: Ernest Trova Gifted 40 Artworks to St. Louis County
1980: Richard Long, Red Slate Circle
2017: Sissy Burns, Tails on the Trails
2013: Ken Lum, The Space Between Scott and Plessy
1968: Michael Heizer, Compression Line
2011: USA Today's “10 Great Places to See Art Enhance Nature” List
2012: Michael R. Allen, on Untitled (Sacred Real Estate)
2003: Mark di Suvero, Dragons in the Sky
1970: Richard Serra, To Encircle: Base Plate Hexagram; Right Angles Inverted
1973-74: Anthony Caro, Durham Steel Flat
1972: Lynn Chadwick, Two Reclining Figures
1974: Ernest Trova, Terminal Velocity
1977: Laumeier Sculpture Park Officially Incorporated
1984: Alice Aycock, The Hundred Small Rooms
1988-89: Ursula Von Rydingsvard, Untitled
1986: John David Mooney, St. Louis Night Garden
1987: Garnett Puett, Apiscaryatid
1987: Accredited by the American Association of Museums
2014: Kyle P. Hunt, A First Date in the Park
Dana Turkovic, Coming Home
1987: Mary Miss, Pool Complex: Orchard Valley
Dana Turkovic: Now You See It, Now You Don't
1988: Robert Stackhouse, St. Louie Bones
1992: Patrick Dougherty, Whim Whams
1991: Andy Goldsworthy, Laumeier Stone
1991-96 Meg Webster, Pass
1996: Valeska Soares, Strangelove Perfume Fountain
1996: Judith Shea, Public Goddess
1997: Jason Hensley, A Perfect Wedding
1994: Alison Saar, Leelinau
1997: Francis Whitehead, Hortus Obscurus (The Dark Garden)
1990: Dan Graham, Triangle Bridge Over Water
2007: Joseph Havel, Twins
2012: Oliver Bishop Young, High Rise
2016: Angie Monahan, Flashlight Hike
2016: Karen Vogelsang, Hitting Close to Home
2012: Camp Out: Finding Home in an Unstable World
1989: Park Debuts Summer Art Camp Program
2015: Sculpting the Future Capital Campaign
2012: Eric Hall, Site/Sound Audio Tour
2014: Our Giza, Mound City
1994: Ian Hamilton Finlay, Four Shades
Jackie Ferrara’s Laumeier Project
2011: Daniel McGrath, on T. Kelly Mason, Laumeier Lamps
2007: Byron Kerman, on Tony Tasset, Eye
Sarah Coulson, More than Just a Sculpture Park
2009: AHMET ÖGÜT, This area is under 23 hour video and audio surveillance
2004: Sol LeWitt, Intricate Wall
2014: Tom Huck: Bugs
2012: Laumeier Receives $100,000 Matching NEA Art Works Grant for Conservation
1984: Vito Acconci, Face of the Earth #3
1993: David Nash, Black Through Green
1988: Park Holds First Fire & Ice Event
1987: First Annual Art Fair
1968: Mrs. Matilda Laumeier Bequeathes Land to St. Louis County in Honor of Husband Henry Laumeier
Elisabeth Millqvist, Laumeier and The Wanås Foundation

Laumeier Sculpture Park Through the Decades

Laumeier Sculpture Park was officially incorporated in 1977 after Mrs. Matilda Laumeier bequeathed land to St. Louis County, and local artist Ernest Trova gifted it 40 artworks. From these original 40 gifts, Laumeier is celebrating its 40th inspirited year as an internationally recognized nonprofit arts organization. Free and open daily, today’s Laumeier presents 60 works of large-scale outdoor sculpture in a 105-acre park.